CLA Assistant stuck on PR

If your PR is unable to transition from the pending state, try these.

X seems not to be a GitHub user

The belonging to the author is checked against the list of GitHub accounts that signed the CLA. The GitHub account used to submit the pull request is not important.

To fix this, you can amend the previous commit: git commit --amend --author="Author Name <>"

Or, if multiple commits need to be updated, interactive rebase: git rebase -i (last good change)

Read more here:

Waiting for status to be reported

If a PR fails a status check with licence/cla — Waiting for status to be reported, try these steps:

  1. Push a no-op amend commit to the PR branch
  2. Log into and click Recheck PRs (under ...).
  3. If you've already signed the CLA and have write access to the cockroach repository, add the following function to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc file:

    function cla() {
      curl -H "Authorization: token $YOUR_GITHUB_TOKEN" \
        -d '{"state": "success", "context":"license/cla", "description": "curl"}' \$1

    and then run:

    •  cla $COMMIT_SHA

Older instructions (courtesy of Tamir in #7553):

then scroll down a bit...