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  • Bazel has a configuration file called .bazelrc. You can put a global configuration file at ~/.bazelrc or a per-repository file at .bazelrc.user in the root of your cockroach repo.

  • Tired of running ./dev gen bazel? Set the ALWAYS_RUN_GAZELLE env-var to automatically run ./dev gen bazel before every dev test or dev build incantation. Note this does add a tiny delay – noticeable when iterating on small tests through dev test.

    • i.e. echo 'export ALWAYS_RUN_GAZELLE=1' >> ~/.zshrc

  • If you have ccache installed, bazel will fail with an error like ccache: error: Failed to create temporary file for /home/alyshanjahani/.ccache/tmp/message_li.stdout: Read-only file system. To avoid this you should get the ccache links out of your PATH manually (i.e. uninstall ccache), and then you might need to do bazel clean --expunge.

    • Alternatively, if you would like to use Bazel with ccache, you can enable support for writing outside the sandbox by adding the following to your $HOME/.bazelrc or <repo>/.bazelrc.user file:
      - For MacOS/Darwin:

      Code Block
      build --sandbox_writable_path=/Users/<USER>/Library/Caches/ccache/

      - For Linux:

      Code Block
      build --sandbox_writable_path=/home/<USER>/.ccache