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backward-incompatible change

backwards-incompatible change

Backward-incompatible changes to CockroachDB interfaces. This may include changes to SQL statements, cockroach commands, logging, and endpoints that normally belong to another category.

If the change is considered backward-incompatible (i.e., the change can break programmatic usage of an interface), use the backward-incompatible change label instead of the usual label. This is mandatory if the change applies to a stable CockroachDB interface (refer to the table of interfaces in the API Support Policy). If the change is introducing a new version number, also announce the new version number here.

See example.

enterprise change


Changes to CockroachDB features requiring an enterprise license, e.g., BACKUP/RESTORE.

ops change

operational change

Changes to cockroach commands and endpoints that affect primarily operators tasked with setting up and maintaining production clusters.

This includes changes to logging configurations and behavior, additions or removal of metrics, health and monitoring endpoints, HTTP endpoints, environment variables, integrations with service managers, CLI flags for server commands, exit codes, etc.

cli change


Changes to cockroach commands that affect primarily application developers, CockroachDB developers and contributors, and operators running experiments or small-scale testing/staging clusters.

This includes changes to the SQL shells, userfileworkloaddebug commands that operate on non-running servers, etc.

sql change


Changes to SQL statements, functions/operators, system catalogs, or execution.

ui change


Changes to the DB Console and any associated metrics.

security update


security change

Changes that impacts the use of security features (IAM, TLS, etc.) or the security profile of the product. 

performance improvement


performance change

Changes that improve performance, often at kv, storage, and SQL engine levels.

bug fix


Changes that fix known problems as opposed to add or improve functionality.

general change


core change

Changes that don't fit anywhere else. Only use this if you have no other good option. This might include changes to logs and user-facing configs for Kubernetes, Prometheus, Alertmanager, etc. We probably need new, meaningful categories. 

build change

Changes to requirements for building CockroachDB from source.