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Since CockroachDB is open source, most of the instructions for hacking on CockroachDB live in this repo, cockroachdb/cockroach. You should start by reading the top level of this section of the wiki

Then, look at our Go (Golang) coding guidelines and the Google Go Code Review guide it links to. These are linked to from the other pages in this wiki, but they're easy to miss. If you haven't written any Go before CockroachDB, you may want to hold off on reviewing the style guide until you've written your first few functions in go.


Fix your style violations

First, read the Go (Golang) coding guidelines again, looking for any style violations. It's easier to remember a style rule once you've violated it.


Be kind to other developers, including your future self, by splitting large commits. Each commit should represent one logical change to the codebase with a descriptive message that explains the rationale for the change.This is explained in our PR organization philosophy.

On your first PR, it's worth re-reading the Git Commit Messages page to ensure your commit messages follow the guidelines.


  •  Developing
  •  Submitting your first PR
  •  Addressing feedback
    •  Amend the appropriate commits and force-push
    •  Respond to all feedback with "Done" or a counterargument
  •  Merging
    •  Comment bors r=reviewer to ask Craig to merge