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  • 1.0 (final major release)

  • 1.0.1 (final patch release)

  • 1.1-beta.20170912 (semimonthly unstable releasealpha.1 (alpha release)

  • 1.1-alpha.2 (alpha release, second candidate)

  • 1.1-beta.1 (beta release)

  • 1.1-beta.2 (beta release, second beta)

  • 1.1-rc.1 (first release candidate)

  • 1.1-rc.2 (second release candidate)

  • 1.1 (final major release)

Note that There are some legacy cases:

  • pre-1.0 beta releases were tagged beta-YYYYMMDD, which incorrectly compares as greater than 1.0.0, even with version-aware sort orders.

  • pre 20.1-beta, alphas and betas were named alpha.YYYYMMDD and beta.YYYYMMDD, which sorted correctly.

Code that must handle old CockroachDB versions, like our registration cluster, must special-case versions that begin with beta-, but should not expect to special-case any future versions.