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dev/bazel command

equivalent non-bazel command

./dev build

make build

./dev build short

make buildshort

./dev build pkg/sql/...

make build PKG=./pkg/sql/...

./dev test

make test

./dev test pkg/sql/parser -f TestParse

make test PKG=./pkg/sql/parser TESTS=TestParse

./dev test pkg/sql/parser -f TestParse --test-args '-test.count=5 -show-logs'

make test PKG=./pkg/sql/parser TESTS=TestParse TESTFLAGS='-count=5 -show-logs'

./dev bench pkg/sql/parser -f BenchmarkParse

make bench PKG=./pkg/sql/parser BENCHES=BenchmarkParse

./dev build --cross

build/ mkrelease

./dev builder


./dev testlogic base --files=fk --subtests=20042 --config=local

make testbaselogic FILES=fk SUBTESTS=20042 TESTCONFIG=local

Add build --define gotags=bazel,gss,X,Y to .bazelrc.user, then running dev

make ... TAGS=X,Y

Add gc_goopts = ["S"], to the go_library target in the BUILD.bazel file for the package you’re interested in, then running dev

make ... GOFLAGS=-gcflags=-S

Update the go_repository() declaration in DEPS.bzl for your dependency to point to a new remote and commit (see top-level comment in DEPS.bzl for more information), then build/test

Update local sources in vendor including your changes, then build/test

General dev tips

The top-level dev script uses Bazel to build pkg/cmd/dev before running unless another dev binary with the same increasing integer ID has already been built. Generally dev will invoke the dev binary “as of” that commit, which should usually be the correct behavior. However, if the default behavior does not work for some reason, you can find all the built versions of dev under bin/dev-versions.