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The previous release ends and development on the next release begins.

Version Naming Convention

As of Spring 2019, CockroachDB follows a calver scheme: <2-digit-year>.<release#>.<patch>. The first release following this scheme is 19.1. The <release#> portion of the version corresponds to the 1-based count within the year of the release. So the first release in a year is .1, the second is .2, the third (if such ever occurs) is .3. Prior to the switch to calver, CockroachDB nominally followed semver, though we bumped the major version number without breaking backward compatibility. The switch to calver provides regular progression of the major number without argument and discussion of whether that follows semantic versioning.


  • 1.0 (final major release)

  • 1.0.1 (final patch release)

  • 1.1-beta.2017.09.1220170912 (semimonthly unstable release)

  • 1.1-rc.1 (first release candidate)

  • 1.1-rc.2 (second release candidate)

  • 1.1 (final major release)